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Drainage Surrey

Drainage Sussex

LHP design and install sustainable drainage solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout Surrey and Sussex. We’re dedicated to understanding the challenges of waste water management, and our business is focused on providing innovative, cost-efficient solutions.This expertise makes us the preferred choice for local architects, civil engineers, contractors and property managers and we are always happy to work directly for home owners as well.

And we are fully equipped to deal with almost all drainage-related excavations for new and replacement systems.

Surface and Foul Water Drainage Systems

Effective drainage systems dealing with surface and foul water are an essential component of residential and commercial property development and upkeep. Inadequate drainage systems hugely increase the risk of flooding and pollution.

We will consult, design, specify, install and repair drainage systems for all sizes, types and ages of property. We can also undertake connections to main sewers for private and commercial foul water systems.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We can help with system design and the selection, supply and installation of all major manufacturers’ sewage treatment and waste water products. Both environmentally and aesthetically sensitive, we can install, replace or upgrade a sewage treatment system at an individual property or a large commercial site.

For more information on Sewage Treatment Plants, just click here.

Septic Tanks, Cesspits, Soakaways and Drainfields

We provide professional services in septic tank, cesspit, soakaway and drainfield installation.

We have many years’ experience of installing and upgrading septic tanks, cesspits, soakaways and drainfields.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting is becoming more important with the need to save water and protect the environment.

We are able to specify the correct capacity for your needs and install a system that will fill toilets and supply water to outside taps. Mains back-up is fitted to ensure you never run out.

Retrofitting a rainwater harvester is not always practicable, but it is often possible to fit an underground tank to collect rainwater that will supply water for external taps for watering the garden and washing the car.

National Association of Drainage Contractors

We are proud members and supporters of the National Association of Drainage Contractors.