Trenching Services

Trenching Services Surrey & Sussex

LHP provide a bespoke trenching service for all types of underground services. Our high capacity trenching equipment can install water pipes, gas pipes, cables and ducting. For projects ranging from simple farm water services to complex solar panel cabling, we can dig the trench, install the service and backfill.

Pipe Laying for Ground Source Heating Systems

LHP Trenching Services specialise in laying pipes for ground source heating pipes and can offer a complete service to install these systems. We can even supply the pipes and valves if required.


Our high capacity trenching equipment can cut a trench up to 1200mm deep, as wide as 200mm if required, and up to 500m per day depending on the ground conditions.

Trenchless Moles

LHP can fulfil an entire trenching project which may include the provision of trenchless moles to bore under roads and other obstacles to ensure minimum disruption and continuity of service. Our moling equipment ranges from 50mm up to 130mm diameter and is suitable for installing a number of different services including ducting, cables and pipes.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have access to a range of other equipment and can often help, even with the more unusual projects. Just click here for our contact details.